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Since the community started in February 2014, we have been conducting a lot of offline activities for women and for kids.

Some of the events that we have conducted are lunch meet ups, dance/fitness/zumba sessions, christmas parties, multiple workshops for women, spa parties, movie outings, exhibitions, etc.

We also started a series of talks by the name of #PWNtalks in September 2019. This was started to give a platform to the women to share their life experiences with us, which could motivate the rest of us. #PWNtalks further gave rise to PWN talks for women entrepreneurs (where women entrepreneurs shared their inspirational stories) and #PWNlittlestars (where our little ones got a platform to share insights from their lives – their likes and dislikes too)!

A few pictures from some of our events have been shared here. Do take a look:

IMG_20191207_165107 (1).jpg
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